Submitted by Steve Cutting, from the book
"My Playhouse Was The Concord Coach" by Helen Bacon Boggs

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Page 722 (Saturday August 28, 1886):

Hereafter, until further notice the C. O. & I. Stage Co. will run two stages from Yreka to the new terminus at Castle Rock on Sunday, Wednesday and Friday evenings, returning on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday nights. The railroad name for the new station at Cedar Flat is "Dunsmuir," and the stage company name is Castle Rock. The Stage Company have made arrangements with the S. P. R. R. Co., to sell tickets to Yreka, Ashland, Fort Jones and Etna, at reduced rates. The stages now arrive here for breakfast, since the R. R. terminus has been extended to Cedar Flat, within two miles of Upper Soda Springs but the stages for Scott Valley and Oregon will not leave here before the usual time. Mr. A. H. Boomer General Manager C. O . & I. Stage Co., passed through town to-day for below, accompanied by A. H. Burrows, Supt. C. & O. Div.

Page 723:

THE RIGHT OF WAY MEN are within a mile and a half of Sisson's, and the work of railroad grading, tunneling and making foundations for bridges and trestles is progressing rapidly. A new station called "Dunsmuir," was opened on Monday on the California and Oregon Railroad. It is 10 1/2 miles above Hazel Creek, 23 miles form Delta and 300 miles from San Francisco. The distance between present terminal of the road and Portland in Oregon is 321 miles, and the extension reduces the distance to Ashland to 99 miles. It will not alter, however, the through time from this city to Portland, which will remain as before, 57 hours. A station at Upper Soda Springs will probably be opened within a few days, and will be the winter terminal of the road. The extension to Dunsmuir will bring a considerable amount of country in the vicinity under contribution to the company, and which was hitherto to be competed for with the other road. The new town at Stone's place about two miles south of Sisson's is called Lisbon.

Page 726 (January 5, 1887):

The RAILROAD STATION or town of Dunsmuir consisting of a box car, has been moved up closer to Upper Soda Springs, at a station formerly known as Pusher, and will continue to be the telegraph office, express office, railroad office, city hall and general business resort at that place.

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