Excerpts from Cutting's, A Slice of History, 1887-1890

June 23, 1888
Hon. R. Dunsmuir, the millionaire owner of coal mines in British Columbia, after whom the town is named, intimated while in Dunsmuir lately that he would present the town with a fountain, to be placed in the open space in front of Bilicke's Mount Shasta Hotel. The fountain will be supplied with water, free of cost, and will be quite and ornament to the town.

[Note: The "R. Dunsmuir" reference is interesting. Perhaps it comes from an honest confusion of identity by the North Star (i.e., Alexander, son of Robert, was mis-translated into Robert). It might also suggest that the reporter was not present at the fountain declaration, relying upon an account from others.Or it is also possible that Alexander made the offer in his father's name, or that the promise was made by Robert himself, and not Alexander.]

October 6, 1888
Hon. Mr. Dunsmuir of British Columbia, after whom the town of Dunsmuir is named, has presented a beautiful fountain to the citizens, the foundation for which is being excavated and the connecting pipes laid. The liberal donor also contributed $360 towards its erection. The fountain will be located opposite Mr. Bilicke's hotel, who will provide an ample supply of water from his waterworks on the hill, free of cost, which speaks well for his liberality. The fountain will be an ornament to the town.

[Note: A letter on Yreka County Free Library letterhead, dated approximately 1947, and written by Marcelle Sayler Masson, states the fountain bore the following inscription: "Presented by Alexander Dunsmuir of the Wellington Collieries, British Columbia".]

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